Why not use the word cheap when talking to a professional advertising agency

Savings in business are quite normal and every entrepreneur tries to reduce the costs of doing business to a certain extent. There is always a temptation for companies conducting advertising activities to reduce their expenditure on promotion. There is nothing wrong with that if we move within the limits of common sense. It is a disastrous idea to base your strategy on the word ‘cheap’. The phrases “I want it to be cheap” work like a bullish sheet on professional advertising agencies. Why? Read.

The word “cheap” positions you as a difficult customer.

This is, of course, a far-reaching and probably unfair generalisation, which does not change the fact that, according to the agency, every customer who wants it to be only cheap can be very problematic. Our experience shows that it is the most economical customers who are at the same time extremely demanding, rude and best acquainted with everything. So in principle we avoid them and similarly do our colleagues.

“A “cheap” project is about making a quick profit.

There are agencies that even specialize in servicing “cheap” customers. Their business concept is simple: we implement projects on the knee, because customers who care only about low price, do not have any special requirements. However, if a client starts to get promoted because he sees that his website is plagiarized by another graphic design for five years, then the agency says briefly: “You wanted cheaply, that’s it. We accept no responsibility for the rest.

“Cheap” customers are never prioritised

It is obvious that professional advertising agencies prefer to serve their clients who are determined, demanding, challenging, and only at the end of the project they analyze their costs. This group will always have priority. “Cheap” customers are usually put on the sidelines, nobody will kill themselves in order to prepare a comprehensive offer for them as soon as possible (which will probably turn out to be too high anyway). So if your priority is to have a short lead time and very efficient service, be careful with the frequency of use of the word “cheap”.

You may find it difficult to find a contractor

Of course, we are talking here about a performer of a good, or at least a decent, standard. If your requirements for a project are mainly to be cheap, you are very narrowing down the circle of agencies that will undertake the implementation. In practice, you only have to look among freelancers, and working with them can be really risky.

Believe that a lot of professional agencies, hearing the word “cheaply” repeated many times from the customer’s mouth, resigns from his service, because it wastes them time on him. Experience shows that such customers are very problematic. So you can achieve the opposite effect. You will receive an offer that will be significantly overestimated – it’s a proven way to get rid of a customer’s culture.

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