A few words about SEO

Did you know that about 97% of Internet users use Google’s search engine? Every day millions of Polish users use TOP10 search results to find specific information, products or services they need. It is this huge share of Google in the Internet that has made the appearance of your website.

Personal data in marketing ecommerce

When operating your own online shop, remember to comply with the relevant standards and to consider certain aspects that may affect your future compliance with the law. The use of e-mail marketing is also part of this. The vast majority, almost 90%, of owners of Internet enterprises use the so-called.

How to create a marketing strategy for eshop

Internet business, just like stationary business, must have a development strategy, which includes the definition of marketing activities. A marketing strategy for e-business should be built right from the start and even before the start of the business. It allows you to determine which activities, at what cost and to.

How to create your own blog on WordPress

Today, there are many professional blogging platforms available on our market, thanks to which you can quickly set up your own blog in a few minutes. Currently, no IT expertise is needed to publish online entries. In the USA and worldwide, by far the most popular platform is WordPress, which.

How to create a database of potential clients

Creating an online shop involves creating a database of potential customers who can be contacted. The most popular form of maintenance and establishing contact with persons potentially interested in the products sold is mailing. Therefore, it is necessary to create an address database that will serve to attract new consumers,.