Why it pays to choose paid hosting rather than free

Anyone who wants to have a professional or amateur website on the Internet must use hosting services. Those who want to order a new hosting first of all have to seriously consider whether to choose a free or paid solution. Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is worth considering all the options carefully.

What is hosting really all about?

Free and paid hosting consists in providing users with free space on the server. Websites are stored on hosting, and because the servers are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, our websites are still available for other users. Very often, in addition to maintaining the website on the server, customers also receive the possibility of using electronic mail within the previously purchased domain. These are common features of free and paid hosting, but the latter very often has many additional functionalities, thanks to which it gains a huge advantage over free solutions.

Paid hosting – the biggest benefits

Paid hosting usually has more disk space, so we can set up several very large websites on a single hosting site. Free hostings usually offer only 100-200MB of free space, which is only suitable for running very simple web pages. When the limit is exceeded, the page is blocked so that you cannot develop your service.

In free hosting, the transfer limit is also a big obstacle. Nowadays, practically every paid hosting has an unlimited transfer limit, so that our websites can be used by hundreds of people. It should not be forgotten either that there are no external advertisements on paid hosting. Free hosting is completely free, but in many cases we have to agree to place on our website ads that may significantly disfigure our website. Websites on free hostings are very often received unprofessionally and unreliably.

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