You’re fed up with traffic jams Check out alternative ways to get to your office and it’s not about public transport

If the morning starts with cooking behind the wheel and it takes you even tens of minutes to get home from work (in good winds), stop being cheated: it’s time to look for another way to get to the office. It’s really a waste of time stuck in traffic jams. If you don’t need a car every day (you don’t take your children to school, don’t do shopping in a hypermarket, etc.), then you can resign from it, even if only a few times a week. Check out what is worth choosing in return.
Remember when you last ridden them. Long gone? Then it is time to go back to it! Roller riding is a great sport, which perfectly develops the lower muscles, as well as the abdomen muscles (ready to build a six-pack?). Besides, it is a very pleasant activity. But we were supposed to write about commuting to the office. There will be no problem with that. Choose rollers on larger wheels that can easily handle vertebrates or curved sidewalks. Getting to work between spring and autumn will be much more enjoyable and healthier.
This is a new hit in the field of urban transport. There are plenty of scooters for adults on the market, and for some time electric models have been doing a great job – it’s a great option for lazy or formless people. If you have something of a hipster in you and you like gadgets, then such equipment should necessarily be in your hands. You will quickly find out that scooters are not only pleasant, but also fast and safe.
Classics of the genre. If you have not even tried cycling to work before, it is high time to catch up. Many of your colleagues are certainly already doing this. Bicycles are a very versatile means of transport. It will drive practically everywhere, it does not stand in traffic jams, it also allows you to transport small packages, if you have to, for example, do a small shopping for dinner.
Option for people who are athletic or want to catch a bug. You also have the feeling that everyone is running around you. Intuition should tell you that it has to be really cool. So it’s time to try it! Morning jogging will give you a lot of energy and make it easier for you to get rid of stress. It’s really not as crazy an idea as it might seem.
Each of these methods has one disadvantage: it will not work in winter. But then you can go back to driving or, for example, choose taxis, Ubera or even rent a car for a minute. Also, be sure to take a shower in your job, which will be advisable after the morning effort (especially after running and roller-skating).

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