How not to be crazy when shopping with your partner

“Loving, we go shopping to the gallery! – If you get shivers at the sound of these words right away and you feel dandruff in your bones, you belong to a large group of guys who have an allergy to shops. At least those with clothes for women. A walk through the gallery for your partner is a great pleasure and trauma for you. But you can’t repeatedly refuse it – after all, it will need your strong hands to carry more shopping nets. And of course: you have to reassure her that the chosen dress fits perfectly, and these jeans have even been sewn with her figure in mind. How not to get crazy when shopping with a partner? We have a few simple tips for you.
Charge your smartphone
An old, good smartphone will always save you from death from boredom, if it is of course charged and your Internet package is not yet exhausted. Games, surfing the web – there’s nothing easier to deal with the trauma of wandering around your partner’s stores and waiting for him to finally leave the changing room to present the fruits of his hunting.
Let yourself be stopped
There’s nothing worse than going shopping with your partner after a quarrel. If you are undermined, your nerves will eventually rise and you will end up in a total row. Before shopping, go for a short walk, play on the console, watch some stupid videos on YouTube. Simply relax. In this state, it will be much easier for you to accept your hopeless position.
Browse the gallery’s layout
Such a plan is always at the entrance. Why is this for you? To find out where the electronics stores are located. This is a masculine world where you can easily forget that you were actually supposed to be a hanger, security guard and porter today. If you know that your partner will spend at least 15 minutes in the fitting room, you’ll have enough time to quickly familiarize yourself with the latest smartphone model or even try out the possibilities of the console you’ve seen.
Pretense interest
If you completely underestimate your partner’s requests for an evaluation of her clothes, your visit to the gallery will certainly be prolonged. Instead, you are going to attack. A good way to do this is to throw the clothes you think are going to sit well with your partner. You will do it much faster. Suggest that she wait patiently in the fitting room while you find some interesting suggestions for her. This can shorten your torment considerably!
Take your book
Old-fashioned, but really effective way to get bored. The e-book will work best, because you can carry it with you at any time and you will not be able to carry it up. Endless shopping with your partner is a really good opportunity to make up for your reading difficulties.
Choose a way for yourself and be brave enough to face the challenge. You will succeed. This time you will stand up!

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