What to do if your antivirus blocks the website

A classic situation. You enter the address of a website or go to it from a link, but instead of the home screen you see a warning that is freezing in your veins. It is your anti-virus program that stubbornly claims that accessing this site can be potentially dangerous and cause damage to your computer. What should I do? Ignore the warning, but can you trust the software?

Ignorance at your own risk

You are certainly wondering why the anti-virus program has decided to warn you against entering the site and block access to the site at all? There are different reasons for this. Sometimes the software is based on the experience of other users who have been victims of viruses or other pigs since visiting this site or similar sites. As a result, the site is in the threat database and now the anti-virus simply blocks it – after all, that’s why you have it.

It also happens that a good antivirus program will manage to block the connection in time, which is clearly dangerous, because the site is used to capture user data. In such a situation, we should be very pleased that a good choice has been made with regard to antivirus software.

Of course, an anti-virus program is only a code, so it may be wrong and too cautious. If you are sure that the page you want to visit is 100% secure, you can manually ignore the warning. However, you do this at your own risk.

A durable solution

If you are going to use this site regularly and do not want the anti-virus to display a danger warning every time, you can add an exception. This is done by setting up the antivirus program. After entering a page address into the exclusion list, the anti-virus will always ignore the threat and will stop blocking access to the site.

Despite everything, this is a poor idea

It is not very sensible to deliberately waive antivirus protection – because that de facto is to add an exception -. Even if you have full confidence in a blocked website, you can never be sure that it will not be attacked or endangered in the future. An anti-virus program simply won’t warn you, and you won’t be able to see what you’re dealing with.

The overzealousness of antivirus programs is a topic-transmitter and one of the annoying features of modern security software. However, it is better to allow an antivirus to warn the user about the potential danger too often than not to warn him about it.

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