How to decorate an apartment in seaside style

Are you a happy owner of an apartment by the sea? Or maybe you love the seaside climate and you dream of decorating your interior in such a style? If so, we suggest what your apartment should look like to feel the smell of sea breeze and beach in it. The seaside style is extremely harmonious, characterized by calm and bright colors, which bring magical atmosphere to the apartment interior.
This decor refreshes, relaxes and adds to the positive emotions. In addition, it is extremely original and will delight every guest.
Wall colours
Uniform wall painting has long since been out of fashion. There was a fashion for combining colours. The seaside style is associated primarily with blue. Therefore, use light blue or marine paint on the main wall. The colour of the finish under the ceiling is compulsory white, which will give a clean background to the whole. When choosing your third color, for the rest of the walls, stick to the sea climate and choose something in the color of sand or light tan.
A “Colour – Colour” floor for walls will make the room quite softer and overwhelming. The best solution is a wooden floor, in the colour of wet sand, reminiscent of the beach. If you want to add carpets, choose bright, colourful dry sand.
sofa and wooden chairs will create the perfect sea atmosphere for your living room. Prick it down with blue, yellow and brown cushions. Choose furniture made of light or white wood, with a historic or faded appearance. Wicker equipment will add charm, and if you have a balcony – a beach deckchair and umbrella, it is an absolute must!
Coastal ornaments are quite rich in details, so be careful when choosing them. Branch fishing nets hanging on walls, photo or picture frames using shells, a potted palm tree in a corner of the room or a kite of the sea on a table are perfect complements to the seaside style of your apartment’s interior with a sea view.
Domestic textiles
Fabrics with a maritime motif are widely available on the current market. A shower curtain with the printing of colourful fish, shell linen in pastel colours or wool towels with star-studded patches can easily be found in any decoration shop.
Tread in navy stripes and light blue or pearly white dishes and cutlery will give your dining room a maritime character. Additives such as a shell-shaped napkin container or coral pieces scattered around the table are also welcome – even in the kitchen.
By opting for a specific style of interior in your apartment, the right design elements will help you achieve this goal. Decorating your apartment in the maritime style, thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by our decoration shops, you can realize your hidden dreams about the coastal climate.
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