You plan to sell your car in the near future Never do these things in it

Selling a car can be a very long and stressful process. In the era of oversupply of cars, mainly imported from Germany, buyers can literally choose in offers, which is obviously not the case for private owners. All the more, you should not narrow your target group down and spend money on things that will not affect the vehicle’s value anyway. What isn’t worth doing in a car shortly before it’s sold? Read.
It is a very bad idea to install a gas installation shortly before the sale. Firstly, it is an expensive investment that will not pay off anyway. Secondly, purchasers of second-hand cars are very cautious about LPG offers. Besides, the fact that someone has recently installed gas and decided to sell the car is quite suspicious. So it can be much harder for you to find a buyer.
Replacing tyres with new ones
From a purely logical point of view, this does not make any sense. Yes, new rubber can be an asset for the buyer, but it certainly won’t outweigh the scar in favour of a particular car. Just spend money unnecessarily. Instead, it makes more sense to buy used tyres – after all, you won’t be able to ride them anyway.
Engine cleaning and interior trimming
Many owners believe that by bringing the car to an almost perfect visual condition, they will significantly increase the chances of selling. The opposite is true. Poles have already learned that so-called “needles” are potentially the biggest mines to hit. A car that looks too good and is over a dozen years old is a cause for suspicion. Of course you have to clean and clean your car, but don’t invest in knocking it down.
Another example of pointless expenditure. In addition, there is the risk that the potential buyer of the car will not be a music lover, and simply the “grazed” radio connected to the giant speakers will not appeal to him. Investing in a high-end car-audio does not necessarily increase the value of your vehicle, but it will certainly narrow down the group of buyers.
Comprehensive vehicle repair
It is obvious that we should not sell someone a corpse on wheels. On the other hand, it makes little sense to invest in replacing half of the parts. Life is not a television programme. True buyers may either not notice or underestimate the fact that the incumbent owner has spent a fortune on repairs. Moreover, this fact can be to your disadvantage, because if a car needed a comprehensive overhaul, it may be very emergency?
It really does not make sense to do these things in the car shortly before it is sold. It is a pity to money. Finding a buyer in today’s market is still bordered by a miracle. Why, then, add stress to yourself?

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