What kind of office chair mat to buy is

Mats for office chairs or armchairs should be the basic equipment of any office, student’s room or, of course, office. They prevent scratches and cavities in the panels, carpet wiping and carpet kneading. It is therefore surprising that they are still not being used by all. If you want to protect your floor from damage, you must invest in a simple and effective solution. In our guide we suggest you which office chair mat you should buy to take full advantage of its benefits.
The most important thing is to choose the mat according to the surface.
There are two basic types of protective mats available on the market:
For hard floors
For soft floors
The former are best suited to protect panels, linoleum, tiles or parquet flooring. The second type of mat is designed for carpets and carpets. They have special tips which prevent them from moving on soft surfaces. Remember that both types are not interchangeable, which means that the panel mat is not suitable for carpet and vice versa.
It is already a matter of choosing a mat for a specific room. It is often a mistake to buy too small a mat, which protects only a part of the floor. Think carefully about what product you really need. Perform a simple test. Spread the flour on the desk floor, sit down on the chair and start working. After about an hour, check which area the seat is moving in. Choose a mat that will protect the entire sensitive part of the floor.
Floor mats offered on the American market can vary significantly in price. There is no secret in this: it is about the quality of the workmanship. If you want the best possible durability, invest in a polycarbonate mat that is very durable and can be used quietly for several years. The cheapest mats are made of PVC. They are clearly stiffer and can break away from pressure quite quickly.
Intended use
If you are looking for a mat for your child’s room, then you can choose a polycarbonate product without hesitation. Why? Because this mat does not emit any odour and does not emit any harmful substances. It is therefore completely safe for the health of the child, especially if we are talking about a small allergy.
Theoretically, it is a secondary issue, but if you care about the right design of an office space, find a mat that will not spoil the dĂ©cor. The most popular are transparent mats, which are practically invisible after installation. However, you can also choose a mat with some creative printing or, for example, your company logo. Such a product will be an interesting gadget and advertising medium – we particularly recommend this solution for offices open to customers.

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