The most unusual buildings in the world They impress everyone

Architecture is a field that combines art with mathematical precision. The most eminent architects are able to create miracles, which become symbols of cities and often their greatest attractions. Of course, they also attract investors who are willing to pay a lot to buy or rent just a small amount of space in the building. We present the most unusual buildings in the world, which have been enchanting since the very day of their creation.
Elephant Building in Bangkok
It is a new symbol of the Thai capital and, without a doubt, one of the best examples of architecture on the planet. As the name suggests, the object looks like an elephant, so we have here clear references to Thai culture, which pays tribute to these animals. The building consists of 32 floors, on which offices and apartments are located, and on the lower floors – commercial spaces.
The Gateway to Europe of Madrid
The Spanish capital has built skyscrapers, which are among the most unusual architectural buildings in the world. Their special feature is that they incline up to 15° towards each other. However, this has made it difficult to get to the top of the building by elevator. What is interesting, however, is that the roofs of skyscrapers can be landed by helicopters. Europe’s gateway is currently home to one of the banks.
Bosco Verticale in Milan
This building (or rather two) resembles a gigantic tree from a distance. The concept was to plant a miniature forest on each floor. This has improved the overall appearance of Milan, as well as the air quality in the city. Bosco Verticale is an example of how modern architecture can be integrated into the space of an agglomeration, but with respect for nature.
Burj Chalifa, Dubai
We all know that the Sheikhs are on the move, and this building is an excellent example of that. Burj Chalifa is the tallest construction in the world, measuring more than 820 meters! There are offices and luxurious apartments in the building – the most expensive are, of course, those on the top floors, but it takes quite a lot of courage to decide to live there. The view is stunning on the one hand, and terrifying on the other. Especially when we realize that the building is constantly leaning out under the influence of wind.
Dancing House in Prague
At the end of the day, something you can visit without having to spend a lot on travel. In neighbouring Bohemia, and more specifically in the country’s capital city, there is an absolutely extraordinary building. The Dancing House is one of the new attractions of Prague. The architects achieved a stunning effect, because two buildings really look as if they are dancing with each other. For this reason, the people of Prague gave them the names Ginger and Fred, from Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, a famous couple from the 1930s.
Each of these buildings proves that modern architecture really has no borders. It is worth seeing them live!

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