Wobbling in the Clouds That is about cloud services of words a few

Cloud is one of the trends in the world of broadly understood IT, which is developing at a dizzying rate. We can already see how it changes our lives. What is a cloud?

The term cloud can be defined in two ways. The first is cloud computing, the second is cloud in the concept of public space or cloud drives. We have storage space for example by creating a google account. We can store our photos or other private files there. As we can see, all the major giants are investing heavily in this type of technology. One such giant is Autodesk. Manufacturer of specialized software for engineers. The cloud engineer can access his designs from anywhere on earth without the need for a physical external drive. Simply open an account on this manufacturer’s website and you’ll have access to the cloud space where we can upload our files. To increase the capacity of your cloud drive, you just need to buy software, for example, from a distributor of this type of AEC Design software. Is that all we can get out of the cloud?

The largest tycoons, apart from the space for files, also make their computing capacities available thanks to this solution, the company can save money because it does not have to purchase computer hardware, the cost of which we count in thousands. This is where we can see cloud services. Autodesk, as mentioned above, allows complex structural calculations to be made using the Sim360, an additional option that is the ability to work with contractors. Thanks to the viewer360 functionality, the engineer is able to contact the recipient of his design and discuss problems without leaving the office. Every time you move the project, rotate it in any direction, it will be visible on the recipient’s computer. The most interesting thing is that the receiver can also move the 3D model and make comments showing the engineer what he doesn’t like. Autodesk is in the process of developing an entire platform called Fusion, which will allow multiple developers to work in real time. Management of the resulting documentation and the circulation of such documentation. And now we can see something like Fusion Production, which allows us to manage the production in the company.

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