Why advertise your shop on Facebook

Appropriate advertising of an online shop is extremely important, so an increasing number of entrepreneurs decide to set up a special fan page on Facebook, as customers who are fans of such a shop buy more often and more.

Your own fanpage

Starting a fanpage online shop on Facebook is very easy and free of charge, but it is worth to create a private account in advance, which will certainly make it easier to manage the whole fanpage. As you know private account is used only for private purposes and fanpage is designed to promote the shop by allowing you to create ads and offering access to very useful statistics.

Why is it so important to have a fanpage?

Such a website created on Facebook allows to gather in one place all “fans” of the online shop and each “thumb up”, as well as sharing a given promotion or contest will encourage other users to look at the fanpage of the shop, thus attracting new customers. Running such a fanpage has a very significant impact on the positioning of an online shop in Google, so that more people will discover the shop.

Advertising on Facebook

Thanks to this website you can reach completely new people who have not visited the store yet. Facebook allows you to create a paid advertisement, which can be used to reach a larger audience. The most important thing, however, is that you do not need to have several thousand zlotys at your start to take advantage of the possibility of ordering such advertising.

Discount coupons, contests

The vast majority of people who decide to like the profile of a given shop counts first of all on receiving discount coupons or the possibility to take part in a contest in which there will be interesting prizes to win. Thanks to such an action, it is possible to attract a much larger group of customers to the shop, who will certainly not stop at one-off purchases. You can, of course, outsource your shop’s Facebook page to someone else, but this entails costs that not everyone can afford at the beginning of their business.

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