Light your interior how to choose a living room lamp that decorates and brings out its advantages

Lighting and its sources are often unnoticed and forgotten details, which we think about at the very end of the process when arranging our flats or houses. Especially the living room, due to the combination of many functions – relaxing and representative, for example – requires special care in the selection of artificial lighting. It is responsible not only for the final decorative effect, but also for the mood and comfort of the household members and visitors. Properly selected lamps, colour and light intensity allow to expose certain places or decorations, and also determine the climate of a given room or its specific part.
When choosing lamps, let’s often be guided solely by the sense of aesthetics and buy what we see most. Often these are very original patterns and shapes, which may not work in later use. That is why we would like to share with you a few tips and help you choose lamps that will really illuminate your interiors and bring out the best of them.
Differentiate lighting
It has been found that a hanging lamp should be installed in the middle of the ceiling. However, this is not a compulsion. And if you decide to use this type of lighting, make sure that the colours and design of the lamps match the furniture and decorations used in the living room and make sure that the central point of light is complemented by other types of lamps so that you can actively influence the mood and climate in the room. You would not like the centrally mounted hanging lamp to shine straight in your eyes during a romantic evening with your beloved, and the only alternative is complete darkness. When choosing lighting, we should also remember that a lamp can be a decorative object in itself – especially if the living room is decorated in uniform, subdued colors, in the case of a lamp we can afford to have more extravagance in the choice of design.
What counts is the effect, but the planned one
Thanks to the lighting, the small living room can be visually enlarged. For this purpose, it is best to choose lamps with bright, light-permeable lampshades that shine with diffused light. However, if you want to pay attention to any detail or decoration, let’s use a lamp with a dark lens, which will give a more focused, concentrated light. It is important to know what effect you want to achieve when choosing a lamp. Let’s determine the size, shape, type of light and style in which it is to be made. Remember that the material and design should correspond to the interior design. The lamp may be a decorative element, but it should not be loud enough to dominate the room. In turn a “bland” lamp becomes invisible and does not bring anything new to the decor.
Choose lighting for your function
When choosing lamps, it is worth to adjust their type to the function performed by a given part of the room. If we have a table in the living room where we spend time with our guests or eat meals, it is worth placing a hanging lamp over it. Let us remember that it should not be too low or too high. Its size must also be adapted to the size of the table. Round lamps with bright, light-permeable lenses are ideal for this purpose. If we have a large and long table we can hang two or more lamps. Standing lamps will work well in the place where we read books or browse magazines, and small bedside lamps, also called table lamps, will work well near the couch. This type of lamp allows to light up some places, where it is necessary, and in others to create an intimate atmosphere. Standing lamps or table lamps can also be adjusted if necessary or if the interior arrangement changes due to their mobility.
Phototalmps – a modern alternative
The last novelty on the market are photolamps offered, among others, in the Internet shop. It is an elegant, modern lighting made of the highest quality materials for the living room, bedroom, office or kitchen. Photolamp shades are made of a special material which perfectly disperses light (backlight) and at the same time ensures the depth of saturated colours and photographic quality of the images printed on the lampshades. Each lampshade is carefully finished with a textile piping in a colour ideally suited for printing on the lamp casing.
To choose from for colour
In Lamponda you will find almost 150 most fashionable and universal lamp designs in various styles. You can find here both classic, subdued colors, suitable for elegant interiors, as well as fashionable graphics and multicolored photographs, matching the room of children, youth, day or other interiors decorated in contemporary style. Large size of the lampshade allows to expose the print nicely and ensures wide distribution of light. Standalone and night lamps are mounted on a wooden base available in several colours. The Smart collection is a cheaper lamp on a metal base, also offered in several colour versions. On the other hand, hanging lamps, apart from an equally wide selection of patterns on lampshades, provide

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