original acoustic solutions for offices

In March this year Fluffo Fabryka Miękkich Ścian was invited to cooperate on an office arrangement project developed by the Inro Group design team. The project was commissioned by CEPA, whose offices are located in the Metropolitan building in the city.
The CEPA conference room has a simple, austere design, dominated by white with turquoise accents. Katarzyna Ogrodowczyk-Jaszczuk from the Inro Group set herself the primary goal of improving the interior acoustics. Fluffo acoustic panels were to play the first violin, at the same time referring to the other elements of the room’s decor.
What is Fluffo?
Fluffo is a unique acoustic wall decoration, intriguing with its softness and shape. The panels are made of flexible, thick polyurethane foam, the surface of the panels is covered with a nice texture of Fluffo, i.e. millions of millimetre colourful polyamide fibres. They make all Fluffo panels velvety soft to the touch. The open cell structure of the dense foam of which the panels are made makes them very effective in absorbing sound. Even one wall covered with Fluffo acoustic panels gives the interior a comfortable, discreet character. This is what the Inro Group has proposed for its customer.
Designs and colours
For the purpose of the conference room design, Flow 2.0 was chosen from a collection of 19 Fluffo panel designs – a classic, subdued, elegant shape which, thanks to its convex central part, creates an extraordinary 3D effect on the wall. The colour scheme of the panels was chosen from a range of glazes and pomegranates for the colour of the carpet and chairs. The whole composition on the wall looks lightly and extremely elegantly, but most of all it fulfils the intended use task – it improves the acoustics of the room.

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