How to select a payment service provider for the online shop

The e-commerce industry is constantly developing. Shopping in online shops is quick and convenient. Customers appreciate the great comfort and the lack of queues. Specialists estimate that already every third Pole does shopping online! The key to the success of the e-shop is a convenient and simple online payment system. Nobody will buy anything in a shop where you can’t pay freely.
Why should an online shop have an online payment system?
There are really many reasons for this. Poles have long convinced themselves to buy online. They also found out about payment cards and online payments. We go with the spirit of the times! Online shopping is convenient, fast and secure. Customers expect the same from their payments.
There are many reasons why you should consider implementing such a system in your e-shop. The most frequently mentioned benefits are:
Online payment systems will increase the speed of transactions. The customer can make the payment in a few moments, entering only the telecode or his CVV number. In this way, we can make cashless payments with just a few clicks. Can there be anything he sees?
At the same time, the myth that online payments are dangerous must be refuted. The guarantee of safe processing of transactions on the Internet is PCI DSS certificate. additional security is provided by encrypted SSL connection and 3D-Secure system, which take care of customers’ money.
Online payments continue to grow and are being used by more and more people. Don’t stand still and expand your e-shop. Choose the right online payment system and stay ahead of the competition. By giving your customers more choice in the way they pay, you will gain their trust, and this will quickly translate into real profit.
What features does an appropriate online payment system need to have?
Have you already decided that it is worth implementing an online payment system in your shop? Now you will have to decide which payment system to choose. The payment system in your shop should include, but not be be limited to:
to inspire the trust of customers – including years on the market and the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF);
be safe – the system should meet all safety standards and have certificates ensuring safety;
offer many possibilities – the system should give customers a choice that will not end only with e-transfers and payment cards. The more the payment method, the better.
Which payment service provider should I choose?
Would you like to implement the payment system in your e-shop? You have many options. There are many operators on the market who can boast of the number of supported payment channels and functionality. Three of them are outperforming the competition.
Let’s start with Dotpay, which was established as the first one on the American market. The company has been operating for the longest time and has the greatest experience. An additional advantage of Dotpay is its integration with eCard, which allows for extending the offer and the possibility of installment payments.
You can also choose PayU, which belongs to the Ebay Group, and it is on this auction platform that we will meet him most often. The disadvantage is the lack of support for foreign banks and a limited number of integration with popular shop engines.
Another operator is Przelewy.24 It is the youngest competitor, but it is developing dynamically. The service was created in 2004 and quickly conquered the American Internet.
Currently, the largest choice of banks, payment methods and payments in different currencies is provided by the Dotpay payment system, which is why more and more shops use and decide on this operator.

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