Individual Contribution Account Important Facilitation for Entrepreneurs

Every person running a business is obliged to pay contributions to the office. You have to do it every month and order 3 or 4 transfers to your accounts. This is quite annoying, and certainly time-consuming. We have good information for entrepreneurs. Everything will change from 1 January 2018.
What is it like now?
Currently, an entrepreneur makes several transfers to the office each month, each of them to a different account. Separate accounts have contributions to make:
Social security,
Health insurance,
Labour Fund and Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund,
Bridge Pension Fund.
The whole procedure may not be particularly burdensome on a daily basis, but the real problems start when the trader makes a mistake in his identification (usually a NIP number).
In such a case, the office is not able to quickly verify whether the payer actually made the transfer – contributions from all the payers are credited to the same accounts. It therefore takes time to identify the trader.
Moreover, the days of free transfers are long gone. The majority of banks collect fees from entrepreneurs, therefore each subsequent transfer is charged to some extent to the company’s budget. These are not large sums of money, of course, but the fact that additional expenditure is required is quite frustrating.
How will it be?
This rather absurd system will cease to apply on 1 January 2018. The individual contribution account will then enter into force. Each entrepreneur will be assigned an account number to which they will transfer all their contributions, without any breakdown into health, pension, etc. The account number will be the same as the account number of the previous entrepreneur. This is a major simplification and, above all, a way of sorting out the issue of individual entitlements to contributions to the office.
The new system will eliminate the problem of explaining mistakes for a long time, and will also allow the office to detect delays in the payment of contributions more effectively and more quickly. If the bet finds that there are any arrears, the oldest arrears will be settled first, rather than the arrears selected by the payer, as is currently the case.
Expect a letter
By the end of 2017, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) has to provide payers with recommended letters with individual contribution account numbers. If you have an account in an IT system of the office, this information will be made available on it. What happens if the letter does not arrive for some reason?
In this case, you should contact the appropriate branch of the Social Insurance Office as soon as possible. It is important to do this before the due contributions are paid.

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