Wearing a baby shirt is it worth buying

If you are a mother or expect a baby, you’ve certainly heard of the so-called headscarf. It is a method promoted by psychologists of wearing a tiny child on the abdomen in a tightly tied sling. This is not a novelty – this is how their children have been living for centuries in Asia, Africa and South America. What are the advantages of wearing a headscarf? Is it really worth buying such a scarf?

What is it about?

The baby’s wrap must be made of a very durable material, so don’t forget to use your old scarf, for example. It is also essential that the scarf is properly fastened to allow the child to take the pubic position (i.e. a C-shaped position). Each scarf is accompanied by a binding instruction, you can also find it on YouTube.

According to psychologists, but also orthopaedists, scarifying brings many benefits for the child. It strengthens his relationship with his mother or father, provides him with a sense of security, and supports the development of his body at an early stage of life. The position in the cloth is ergonomic and ensures optimal positioning of the hips, which will translate into a lower risk of postural defects in the future.

In addition, the scarf ensures very close contact with the baby. Children worn in a sling are calmer because they always feel the heartbeat and the smell of their parent’s heart. From the mother’s or dad’s point of view, it’s also convenient – you can carry the little one with you while keeping both hands free.

Large selection

On the market, especially on the Internet, there is a wealth of different headscarves available to carry children. You can opt for a flexible model or woven fabrics. The most important selection criterion should be the quality of the material. Pay attention to the seams and the maximum working load declared by the manufacturer.

For the comfort and safety of your baby’s skin, choose a scarf made entirely of cotton. It is a natural material, which does not cause allergies and irritations, and this is what you really care about. Don’t use a headscarf with an admixture of artificial materials.

Advantages of a headscarf

The most important advantages of wearing a baby in a sling are:


Children’s comfort,

Proximity to the parent,

Easier sleep for the baby,

Relatively low price of a scarf (in comparison to a sling).

Defects of the headscarf

There are two main disadvantages of wearing a headscarf:

Wearing a scarf will not be so easy for everyone,

A badly tied scarf is a potential danger for the little one and a risk of spinal and postural defects.

That is why it is best to buy a scarf in a shop where the seller will immediately instruct the parent on how to tie the scarf correctly. If it seems to you to be too complicated and time-consuming, a ready carrier will be a better choice for you – but here you have to take into account a much higher purchase price.

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