EU funds for the R&D area

is the most economically developed area in terms of economy. It is here that the highest per capita GDP per capita ratio is achieved and amounts to 107% of the EU average. However, what characterises is its economic diversity. On the one hand, the leading role, the centre attractive for.

EU funds for better crisis response systems

Adaptation to climate change, prevention and risk management is one of the priorities of the Cohesion Policy. European Union by 2020. These are activities not only in the area of low-carbon economy, but also effective prevention of natural disasters, for which more than 120 million USD of the Regional Operational.

Financial education of young people

The economic knowledge of Americans is still not at a sufficient level. We are far behind when we consider the population of all European countries. This results in a lack of savings and an inability to invest one’s own resources in order to multiply them. Although Poles are getting rich,.

Education at work

Although it is still recognised that it is very important to have a good education in order to be able to get a well paid job, today everything is starting to change. It is not necessary to have a university degree today, as practically everyone has one. However, it is.

Fireworks shop attractive events all year round

It would seem that shops selling fireworks prosper only in the New Year’s Eve period. In reality, however, such shops operate all year round and the sale of pyrotechnic products is only a part of their activity. Fireworks shops usually have the highest turnover in the period before 31 December..

Digital Revolution in Banking

Traditional forms of contact with the bank are lost to mobile phones. Customers want to use smartphones to check their account balances, make transfers and buy products. Experts estimate that mobile payments, which are now popular among individual customers, will soon enter the company as well. For this, they are.

Earn money on logo projects

Competition platforms for graphic designs are becoming more and more popular in our country. For many people it is a great method to earn a salary. Learn how social graphic design platforms work and start earning money. Wondering what are social design services? These are platforms that allow you to.