Earn money on logo projects

Competition platforms for graphic designs are becoming more and more popular in our country. For many people it is a great method to earn a salary. Learn how social graphic design platforms work and start earning money. Wondering what are social design services? These are platforms that allow you to.

Energy industry under pressure

Despite low coal prices, the four dominant US energy companies have had a difficult year behind them and there is little evidence that their business environment will be more favourable this year. In each segment of their core business, i.e. generation, distribution and trading, they face different challenges, and there.

Digital work environment is gaining in importance

Internal communication in the company influences the motivation, involvement of employees, the condition of the company and the implementation of the strategy. Digitalization of communication is a part of the global trend connected with the need for constant access to information and constant interaction. It is also an excellent response.

Express Internet transfers why it is worth

Express Internet transfer allows you to send money to an account in another bank within just a few seconds, while maintaining the highest standards of security of the transaction. How do express online transfers work? When will such a service be particularly useful? Transfers are one of the most frequently.

Effective CRM does not have to be expensive

We’re in, that’s what we’re looking for, a few words. The handle is locked, the decision is made – we introduce CRM. It seems that we are already at the finish line. Unfortunately, nothing is more wrong, because the decision to implement the CRM system is only the beginning of.

Financial audit

A financial audit is a verification by the auditor that the presented financial statements present a true and fair view of the entity’s financial position. Anyone can order the audit of financial statements – more and more often they are private companies, and even universities and organizations. What does the.