If you want to rent an apartment for Tego’s office you need to make sure that you have a office

Renting a flat is a very good way to earn extra money. However, it is not always possible to find tenants who will be willing to pay the expected rent. Then it is worth to take an interest in the option of renting the premises to the company. Many entrepreneurs are looking for flats where they can run their offices. The main motivation is greater accessibility – in some cities there is simply a lack of typical office space. If you are thinking about renting your apartment for an office, read our guide first. It gives us the details that need to be taken care of.

Information to neighbours

Start by checking whether the status of a housing association prohibits commercial rentals by chance. Unfortunately, such provisions are the norm today, because the inhabitants are afraid that they will have, for example, a social agency behind them. However, you can negotiate. If you make a written commitment to rent a flat for the purpose of running a business (an accounting office, an advertising agency), there is a chance that you will convince your neighbours.

It is also necessary to inform all neighbours about the fact that the apartment will be rented by the company. This will not surprise them that there are still strangers in the staircase.

Rules of Procedure

Before signing a contract with a company, it is necessary to draw up an apartment rental policy. Write down all the key commitments you have made. These should include, but are not be limited to

Taking care of the common space,

Cultural behaviour,

Comply with the rules imposed by the housing association,

Night silence.

Remember that the company will use the premises all day long, often also at night, so its activities can be quite burdensome for older neighbours or mothers with small children. Therefore, choose an entrepreneur whose activity does not require too loud behavior.


Availability of free parking spaces will significantly increase the attractiveness of your apartment in the eyes of potential tenants. Companies will expect a minimum of 2 places, preferably located directly under the building. If you cannot provide them, at least indicate your nearest free car park.

Make sure that tenants do not park their cars in green areas and that they do not block the entry and exit of other residents. Otherwise, you have a guarantee of a neighbourly conflict, because it is you who are responsible for your tenants in the end.

Renting a flat for an office can be a very good way to earn a solid monthly income. This applies even to small premises where it is not possible to separate one open room. Such an apartment will be perfect for renting to an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship, who simply needs a quiet place to work.

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