Children’s fashion between good taste and caricature

Most parents want their children to be well dressed. It is not only about the quality of the clothes, but also about their proper selection to the age and physiognomy of the child. It would seem that this is not a problem today. Children’s clothing shops offer a huge choice of clothes for all occasions. The biggest challenge, however, is the incomprehensible diktat of children’s fashion, which too often leads to a caricature effect.
Fashion and parenting blogs
Many mothers, after getting acquainted with the entries on popular blogs devoted to children’s fashion, may get upset and start seriously wondering whether she is a good parent. Why? Because the Internet promotes massively disguising children wearing heavy money costumes, it is difficult for the average bread-eater to get access to them.
So we look at the photographs of the new creation by Klara Lewandowska or Princess Charlotte (daughters of Prince William and Princess Kate), wondering if it would be appropriate to go in a similar direction. Not everyone is so assertive as not to succumb to a false vision of the celebrity’s world. Some parents want to make their children similar to the little stars of colour magazines and gossip portals at all costs.
Children’s fashion – is it for sure?
Looking at trends in children’s fashion, it is difficult to get rid of the impression that we are dealing with a carbon paper of what is happening in adult fashion. The direction in which babies are dressed up as much elderly is very different from the direction in which they are dressed. Tasteful coats, berets, meticulously tied scarves, ascetic dresses, matching trousers, fit shirts are the basis of a contemporary child’s look.
The problem is that we are dealing here with this sort of dressing up, not with the dressing up of children. Some parents, for purely image reasons, rely on clothes that age their children. Yes, such an outfit looks impressive, but does it not obscure what is most important – children’s joy, innocence, carefree?
Dress your child up as you like it to be.
Let’s not deceive ourselves: for a tiny child, it doesn’t matter what mother puts on them. The awareness of one’s appearance appears only at preschool age. Then, especially girls, start to pay attention to clothes, can determine their preferences, force parents to buy specific clothes.
But ultimately it’s up to you how your child will be dressed. You don’t have to be forced to follow the fashion promoted on the Internet. Be inspired by it, but if you can’t afford to buy a $200 dress that your daughter can wear three times, just don’t do it.
It is also very important to teach your child from an early age that appearance is not the most important thing. If you choose consolation, reach for super fashionable stylizations, make an old-fashioned or an old-small child, then you will instill a consumptionist attitude into your child’s life.

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