How to quickly and inexpensively increase the market value of your home

Due to the high price it usually takes much longer to sell a single-family house than it does to sell a flat. Someone who wants to spend more than half a million USD on real estate purchases has the right to explore and choose from offers. From the seller’s point of view, there are only two solutions: either lowering the asking price or increasing the attractiveness of the house and thus its market value. We suggest how to do it quickly and relatively cheaply.
Take care of your garden
It is the garden that makes the first impression on the viewers and it is worth to make sure that this impression is as positive as possible. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on design and implementation. A well-maintained lawn, several plantings and a simple hedge are all that is needed. It is important that the garden is tidy and allows the viewer to imagine the events they are organizing for their friends.
Remember also that for most people interested in moving to a single-family home, one of the key arguments is to have a terrace. That’s why your property simply needs to be. It can be a simple wooden terrace, but nicely finished and suitable for the architecture of the building.
Also note the condition of the fence. If the plot is not fenced at all, it’s time to change it, because the fence gives a feeling of security, and this is important for the viewers of the property. Even a cheap net is better than no fence.
Change the colour of the façade
This is not so expensive at all, because most of the facades can be easily repainted. Decide on this step if the current façade is more of a deterrent than an admirer. Choose a light, neutral colour, e.g. beige, because most people like houses in these colours.
Pay attention to the façades of the neighbours – try to fit the building into its surroundings, which is also a good treatment and will increase the attractiveness of the property.
Clean up your home space
The less furniture and private objects there are, the better for the viewer. This will allow them to imagine the appearance of the space after it has been installed according to their expectations. In addition, the cleaned rooms seem to be larger, which is a very beneficial effect from the point of view of the seller.
It is important to ensure that the space in the house is as neutral as possible, so that the viewer does not feel uncomfortable and feels better about the role of future residents.
Ensuring comfortable access to the property
If a thoroughfare leads to your house, it is really worth investing several hundred USD in its current smoothing. A gravel tipper and an excavator’s operating time are sufficient. This will prevent the viewer from getting stuck in mud or destroying their shoes before entering the premises.
Thanks to these simple and inexpensive tricks you will really increase the attractiveness of your home in the eyes of potential buyers and thus get a higher selling price.

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