How NOT to furnish a flat for rent 5 most common errors

Apartment for rent is still a very popular and profitable form of investment, or as economists call it – obtaining passive income. However, contrary to appearances, finding a tenant is not such a simple matter today. People are increasingly demanding about housing, and the owners themselves make a lot of mistakes, which significantly reduce the chance of renting a property at an attractive price. That is why we have created a guide, in which we suggest how NOT to furnish an apartment for rent. Here are the 5 most common mistakes of the owners.
The rough colours of the walls – the apartment for rent should of course be painted, but it is better to focus on the universal colours, i.e. white, or cream. If tenants want to paint the walls, it will be much easier for them to do so. Bright colouring also fits well with virtually all accessories and furniture, which should encourage tenants to move in with their own belongings. Pictures and trinkets – decorating the apartment and giving it a private character is better left to tenants. Often the owners want to quickly increase the attractiveness of the place and hang on the walls various pictures and photos, and put on the cabinets kitschy decorations. The effect is the opposite of what was intended – the tenant stays with holes in his boulders and a mass of objects that he may not like at all. Carpet – any material finishing of the floor is unwelcome in a flat for rent. Tenants do not like carpets or carpets, as these are other elements for cleaning, sources of dust and impractical accessories. A much better idea is to put it on a uniformly finished floor – e.g. with panels or stoneware. This makes cleaning easier and looks very nice and versatile. Shower – shower is a practical solution, which does not suit everyone, however. If a family with a young child is to become a tenant, then a shower instead of a bathtub will be a major disadvantage of the property. It is therefore more sensible to put on a bathtub with a shower screen or, as a last resort, on a shower with a very deep shower tray. Designing is a pejorative term, which refers to people who want to show their creative individuality by force and who finish their flat in an unspecified style. Since the premises are intended for rent, their design should be as versatile as possible and meet the widest possible tastes. Not everyone likes ultra-modernity, not everyone likes the classicist style.
By avoiding these mistakes, you will significantly increase the number of tenants potentially interested in renting your property and willing to pay the rent you expect.

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