How to create a database of potential clients

Creating an online shop involves creating a database of potential customers who can be contacted. The most popular form of maintenance and establishing contact with persons potentially interested in the products sold is mailing. Therefore, it is necessary to create an address database that will serve to attract new consumers, but also to maintain good relations with people who have already used the offer of a given store and may be interested in further purchases.
Law, in particular
Legal regulations must be kept in mind. Any person with whom we contact regarding a commercial offer must agree to this. You can buy ready-made databases of emails, which have been acquired according to the law, however, fewer and fewer people decide to such a solution and prefer to build lists of potential customers on their own. For the sake of ensuring that the data is correct, but also because it is important that the potential customer does not feel that the message is unwanted. Therefore, if a person consents to contact, they will certainly be familiar with the content.
How do I get data?
If you have a stationary office, you can try to introduce surveys, which customers will be encouraged to fill in when buying some products. Always offer something in return, it can be a code that reduces the amount of items you buy, or a free delivery. However, such a survey should not have too many questions. Usually no additional data is needed because the newsletter is the same for all customers. Instead of collecting unnecessary data, it is worth to make periodic promotions addressed to a given group of recipients. They can be sent to any address from the database, and only those interested in a given offer will be able to enter it. It also allows to extend the client base. For example, a person who does not have children and gets information about the promotion of children’s clothes will not use it, but if they have friends or relatives who do have children, they can give them information about such discounts.

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