A corner apartment get to know its advantages and disadvantages

Corner flats, i.e. flats located in the extreme parts of a multi-family building, are not very popular on the secondary market (this is slightly different in the case of the primary market). Reason? Many myths are circulating about them. It is a fact that a corner apartment can be a very good choice, as long as the buyer knows its advantages and disadvantages and has specific expectations that such a property meets.
Advantages of a corner dwelling
Corner apartment provides much better lighting of the rooms, which is a result of the fact that there are more windows, in addition to overlooking different parts of the world. So if you appreciate natural light, then take an interest in such a place.
Before purchasing, it is important to pay attention to the orientation of the windows in the individual rooms. A flat with windows facing the south will certainly be cheaper to exploit in winter, but in summer it may be too hot.
Another advantage of a corner apartment is higher acoustic comfort. Lack of neighbours behind several walls is a big advantage for people who appreciate silence or like to listen to loud music and do not want it to become a cause of neighborly conflicts. In addition, there is much less noise from the staircase to the corner apartment.
Corner flats usually give a lot of room for showing off in terms of interior design. They are simply more statutory and usually larger. Thus, when you decide to buy such a flat, you can gain additional space, and at the same time you can not overpay.
Defect of a corner dwelling
In fact, the only drawback of such a facility may be, but does not necessarily have to, be its higher operating costs. Especially in winter. The lack of neighbours on one side means that the owner has to turn up the thermostats more forcefully in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, it should be noted that this problem concerns practically only flats in blocks of flats made of large slabs and poorly insulated.
In order not to be unpleasantly surprised, before buying a corner apartment in a specific building, it is advisable to conduct an interview with potential future neighbours from above and below. They are certainly happy to share detailed information on heating costs.
To sum up, you don’t have to be afraid of a corner apartment at all. Such a property has many advantages, and its only significant disadvantage actually depends on the quality of the building’s insulation. It is worth taking advantage of the fact that corner flats reach lower prices on the secondary market, which is a consequence of the still vivid myth about the exorbitant costs of maintaining them in winter.

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