What Home Staging is and how it can help you sell your apartment

Anyone who has gone through the stage of selling their apartment knows full well that it can be the real way through torment. Purchasers can choose in offers, that is why they are demanding, sometimes even capricious and are able to scrupulously point out various imperfections in the presence of the owner. The problem is all the more difficult because there is a lot of money at stake and none of the parties wants to give up too much. That is why the Home Staging service is gaining popularity all over the world, and slowly also in Europe. What is it about?

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is simply a professional preparation of a property for sale. The service is extremely popular in the United States, where it is used by most people exhibiting their homes. The professional is able to prepare the premises in such a way that they immediately gain in the eyes of potential buyers, which not only speeds up sales, but also allows to obtain a much higher price than originally assumed by the owners.

Home Stagging also aims to immediately increase interest in the property. That is why a professional company offers also taking appropriately encouraging photos, creating the offer text or organizing an open day.

Who are the Home Staging people?

Most often, they are experienced real estate agents, who are perfectly familiar with the expectations of buyers, can sense market trends, and above all cleverly conceal deficiencies and highlight the advantages of a house or apartment. Designers, architects, cleaning teams and, of course, real estate agents also work with the Home Staging companies.

What is the team’s work like?

Everything depends on the specific property. Sometimes a significant increase in the value of a property can be achieved by simply cleaning, refreshing the bathroom or painting kitchen furniture. In other cases, a small overhaul is necessary. It also happens that a spectacular effect is achieved by rethinking the living room and changing the purpose of the rooms.

What is most important?

Home Staging uses the principle that the viewer makes a decision to buy the property within the first 30 seconds of viewing it. Later, of course, there is the analysis of financial possibilities, but the effect of falling in love with a flat or a house is crucial here.

The second and equally important task of a specialist is to organize the premises in such a way that the buyers can very easily imagine themselves living in it permanently. That is why in a professionally prepared interior there is no room for personal souvenirs, burrs and furniture placed without order and composition.

The number of companies specialising in Home Stagnering is constantly increasing in Europe. The price of such a service depends on the size of the property and the scope of necessary changes. One thing is certain: it pays off, because every day of waiting for a buyer involves costs for the owner. So it is better to do everything to shorten the process.

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