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A skirt is a basic element of every woman’s wardrobe. We have models for summer, autumn, office, date, walk, big exit – practically for all occasions. But to look really good on your skirt, you’ll need to use the right boots to complete the look. Contrary to appearances, you are not always condemned to pins. Read our guide and find out how to get the right boot for your skirt, so you don’t have to make a stylistic lapsus.

Pencil skirt

This is the absolute basis and one of the most universal clothes that can be found in a women’s wardrobe. The pencil skirt fits perfectly in the office, but also for a less formal exit. She is very feminine, she pleasantly emphasizes the attributes of the figure. What shoes should I put on?

Of course, the safest choice will be the pins. But if you want to go crazy and create a more original style, wear shoes on a curtain or summer sandals on your heels. You’ll feel at ease and you’ll be impressed by it.

Plain skirt

It’s very comfortable and super suitable for summer styling. With placards that add lightness, you don’t have to be afraid to show your legs – even if you’re not completely happy with them. The pleated skirt is perfectly matched to the low boots, possibly equipped with a low heel. Note: If you are very low and overweight, avoid such styling.

Skirt highly deployable

She is incredibly sexy, so it’s worth betting on less formal occasions or events with friends. For a layered skirt we recommend first of all classic pins. Such a set will emphasize and slimm your legs. If you prefer something more comfortable, the best choice will be a combination of a spread skirt and balerinas.

Knee skirt

Universal, practical, for almost any occasion. It gives the possibility to choose many types of shoes for it. If you don’t feel like putting on a pin, put it on a pole. It will be both comfortable and very feminine. Again, however, we stress that such shoes, combined with a knee skirt, will not be the best choice for low women.

A skirt in the style of a maximum

A long, striking skirt is a very interesting element of summer hairstyle. Squadrons, sandals or ballerinas are best suited. If you’re low enough, choose the heels. This will ensure that your silhouette does not appear to be squatted.

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