Fashion from the Internet This is a bad idea

You’ve certainly done shopping on the Internet many times, but are there any clothes on the product list? If so, you probably had at least a couple of ‘wtops’ and bought something wrong. Unfortunately, the Internet has not yet managed to deal with this problem. Buying clothes online is risky, especially if you don’t have a model and even in a landlord’s shop it’s difficult to fit your clothes perfectly. In this guide we will show you why fashion from the Internet is a poor idea.
Size? It is just a matter of contract
Do you wear the S-size on a daily basis? Believe that this really does not mean anything. Sizes, even with the same designation, vary considerably from country to country, which is quite logical. It is difficult to expect that size S in Japan (where women are very thin) and in the United States (where there is an obesity epidemic) will mean exactly the same thing.
Therefore, when buying any clothes on the Internet, never suggest the official size. If you really like the clothes and they are at a great price, ask your retailer for the exact size/length. This will minimize the risk of you buying something that is either far too small or just far too big.
like to cheat
And you need to be fully aware of this. The scandals have erupted many times because fashion houses have deliberately overestimated their size in order to give women illusions and, in the end, to disappoint them very much. Look for stories on the web about well-known brands that were offered in the size of e.g. M, and eventually turn out to be the size of S at most.
Why do brands do this? For a simple reason. The big fashion houses don’t want their clothes to be worn “badly”, that is, on too many bodies. Therefore, for “political correctness” they release full size clothes on the market, but in reality they overstate it significantly. This is yet another proof that it is very risky to buy clothes without an adjective.
It is worth knowing
There is also a reversal of overestimating the size. This is called “vanity sizing” and consists in lowering the size of the clothes. In this case, the brands mean that customers do not feel uncomfortable with buying clothes in the size of e.g. XL, so they are offered as L or even M.
Some things simply should not be bought without a try
Among these, we will mention two: shoes and underwear. Footwear must lie perfectly on the foot, which sometimes means the need to try on a dozen or so models. If you buy badly fitted shoes, you will greet them with imprints, abrasions and sore legs.
When we write about underwear we mean, of course, the woman’s underwear. Every woman should visit a brafitter at least once in her life in order to choose the perfect bra for herself. It is not only a matter of comfort, but also of beautiful bust appearance and proper posture. In the online shop there is simply no physical possibility to adjust the bra because the size of the bowl is really not everything.
We all like online shopping, but in spite of this we are not able to give up on shopping at all times. So before you order something again that you couldn’t try on, think twice about it.

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