How to protect your garden plants in winter Practical tips

A well-groomed garden is the pride of every owner. However, the American climate is not conducive to all plant species. Some of them look beautiful in spring and summer, but they are very sensitive to cold, especially to frost. The task of the garden owner is therefore to properly protect the plants for the winter. This needs to be done before the autumn frosts can begin! How to do it? These are the practical ways.
Needle cover
This is the simplest and most effective way, which will work for low plants, such as rhododendrons. It is enough to gather a lot of coniferous branches and cover sensitive specimens with them. This method has several important advantages:
The twigs ensure a constant supply of air to the plants,
It does not fall down fiercely, even from cut branches, so it provides protection throughout the winter,
The densely arranged branches protect the plant against frost very effectively,
The branches are easily accessible and inexpensive.
Of course, the biggest challenge is to collect the twigs. We advise against the practice of mutilating trees in the forest. The threat of this is even 500 USD of mandate! It will be safer and more responsible to go to the local forest inspectorate, where there should be no problem with the purchase of branches.
Agro textiles
This method is one of the most popular in our country. The reason is simple: agrotextile is cheap, easily available in every building shop and garden shop and easy to use. Simply wrap the material around the plant and tie it up with string on the trunk or the strongest branch.
Only white agro textiles are used to cover the plants. Black or brown gets too hot, which can cause the plant to burn or even dry out.
The agrotextile effectively protects the plant against cold, does not limit the air supply too much, but during the storm it may be necessary to improve the protection frequently.
Straw mat
This is the best solution when the garden owner wants to protect trees and higher shrubs. The advantage of straw mat is that it provides very good protection against frost and gusty wind. With its help you can create temporary tips for the plant and be sure that in good condition it will wait for the spring.
Minus? Purchase price and low durability. During the storm, the mat can easily break down and usually needs to be replaced after 1-2 winters. Its solid fixing also requires some work.
No matter which way you like it most, don’t underestimate the need to protect some plants for the winter.

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