10 most interesting start-ups from India

India is a country of colours, but also of start-ups. In the second most populous country in the world, a lot of innovative businesses are created, focused mainly on new technologies. MamBiznes.pl portal presents a subjective list of the most interesting start-ups from India.


Card payment by the people of India is very popular. However, a few years ago, with the popularization of smartphones, an innovative solution was presented, as for those times – mobile payments. It was the start-up Ezap that was the first in the world to develop this technology.


Curefit motivates and encourages users to a healthy lifestyle, promoting healthy eating, exercise and meditation. Therefore, Curefit has been divided into several separate portals: eat.fit, cult.fit, mind.fi. Start-up is worth USD 25 million today.


Travel startup Alienadv focuses on preparing extraordinary adventures in different parts of the world. from climbing Kilimanjaro to survival school in Thailand. Their offer includes more than 110 trips in 11 countries. Start-up was founded in 2016 and immediately became one of the most popular portals in India.


India is a platform connecting recruiters with people looking for a temporary job. Start-up was founded by Nith Agrawala, Ishan Shrivastav, Keyriwala Archit, and Amrose Birania. The company is worth over $500,000 today and is available in more than 30 countries.


Mobikon helps restaurants to market and solve customer problems. Founded in 2012, the start-up operates over 700 restaurants. All companies receive detailed analytical data, feedback, marketing and much more. Start-up is worth 12 million USD today.


It helps many global businesses such as NASA and Louis Vuitton to protect their data on servers and in the cloud, but it also analyzes this data to show trends. Currently, its headquarters are in California.

Capital Float

It is one of the first platforms to offer loans to start-ups. It is an alternative to capital provided by banks. Capital Float is registered as a financial institution, thanks to which it can bear a greater risk investing in start-ups. In 2013, the total amount of loans was USD 327 million.


Start-up was founded by Ananta Goel, Ashish Goel, Anurag Jain and Yatish Talvadia in Gurgon in 2015. Business is based on delivering fresh milk every day to its customers. Last year the company already had 1.5 million customers.


An application which is a combination of many applications such as Messenger, Uber, YouTube. This makes it much easier to use them. There’s no need to turn on several different applications anymore, and everything can now be done in one. In India, more and more users are using this start-up.

Bombay Shaving Company

It is a start-up from the cosmetics industry. He directs his products to men. The company was founded in 2015 in Dheli. However, before it was officially opened, products worth US$2.3 million were purchased in the pre-sale phase.

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