How to pay for online purchases with a card Why it is worth to do this

Every professional online shop provides its customers with many payment options: traditional or electronic transfer, downloading, payment through an intermediary, BLIK, and finally card payment. According to the statistics, the latter possibility is of moderate interest to American customers. For two reasons: we are concerned about the security of the transaction and we are not always aware that our card is suitable for paying online. In this guide you can find out how to pay with your card and why it is worth using this option.
What card do you have?
Until recently, online shopping could only be paid for by credit or prepaid card (prepaid). Currently, there is no problem with using a regular debit card for this purpose. It is best to have a convex plastic, i.e. a card on which the data is embossed and felt at the fingertips. However, even flat cards allow you to pay online.
Everything here depends on the policy of the bank concerned. If you are unsure whether your debit card is suitable for online payment, please contact your bank. You may need to remove the lock or make a new card with 3D Secure.
How do I pay with my online shopping card?
It is very simple. The system will guide you by the hand. Choose the card payment option (and make sure the shop accepts your card beforehand), then enter its number, expiry date and CVV code – this is a sequence of three digits placed on the back of the card.
In some banks, the verification of payment is done by means of an SMS code, which arrives at the cardholder’s number. After entering the code, the payment will be made and the system will inform you about its entry in the accounts. That is all.
Why is it worth it?
Because it is very comfortable. Card payments can be made within a dozen or so seconds, without the need to log in to e-banking, which also increases the security level.
That’s it: safety. Many people think that paying by card on the Internet is asking for trouble. However, this is entirely up to the user. Make sure the connection is encrypted (green padlock symbol in the browser bar) before entering the data. After the payment has been made, we also check whether it has been recorded in the bank’s system. After a few days it is also a good idea to check your account and make sure that there have been no other plastic payments, of course those unauthorized by the owner.
Paying by card is much safer than for example paying by bank transfer. If you have problems, you can always use the chargeback procedure. In justified cases, the bank will reimburse the money for the service that has not been provided.
The advantage of paying with the card is also that the seller immediately receives the money, which allows him to complete the order at once. If you are looking for an instant delivery time, make sure you pay with plastic.

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