Which furniture handles to choose?

Kitchen cabinet handles

When we are decorating our house or apartment, we want all the elements to fit together. We also pay attention to the functionality of things and how they are arranged. At the same time we want our interior to reflect us as well as possible. This may seem a minor issue to us, but it is worth paying attention to what furniture handles we buy.

Many wardrobes already have ready-made handles, attached to the door at the factory. However, this does not mean that they cannot be replaced if we find that they do not fit or are non-functional. It often happens that cabinet handles are simply too small and cannot be caught well. It is then worth considering whether to buy larger or better shaped ones, even at the expense of space. In modern interiors, more and more often furniture does not have handles at all, and yet opening them does not cause problems through special recesses in doors and closing systems.
It is also worth considering what shape of the handle to choose.

Drawer handles are mainly in the form of knobs. Many shops offer them very richly decorated and at the same time perfectly fit into your hands. Such a knob must be very well attached, as they tend to wriggle out and fall out during intensive use. There are also oblong handles for drawers, but less and less often with more classic furniture. It’s also worth mentioning that even the best-chosen knob won’t be very helpful if the slides in the drawers don’t work smoothly.

Meanwhile, handles for cabinets should be larger. Here, the door area is usually larger, so automatically, with a smaller handle, you’ll be more tired of opening.  In this case, long handles, mounted vertically rather than horizontally, are ideal. This makes it easier to pull the door together.  Longitudinal handles do not have rich decorations, but can have an interesting shape or colour. When choosing the ideal furniture handles, we should first of all consider how often we will use the item and whether opening them will not be a problem.

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