What ALWAYS it is worth to ask your real estate agent for

Both the sale and the purchase of real estate should always be done with the help of an intermediary. An experienced specialist has an excellent knowledge of the realities of the market, which translates both into greater security of transactions and specific benefits for the customer (better price, faster completion of the process, etc.). When working with a real estate agent, it is always worth asking him for a few things that fall within his competence. Which ones? You can read about this in our guide.
Realistic estimate of the price
The intermediary will do it without difficulty, which will save you a lot of time. A common mistake made by clients of real estate offices is insistence on some purchase or sale price, so the process of searching for a buyer/seller can be much longer. Therefore, it is worth asking the intermediary to realistically assess the value of a flat, plot or house.
Conducting the sale/purchase process
Intermediaries have it in a small finger and will certainly not miss any stage, which is very easy for those who are not experienced in selling or buying real estate. If you feel that the intermediary can be trusted, entrust him with the management of the whole matter. Such a comprehensive service is very convenient and will save you a lot of nerves.
Aid for improving the attractiveness of real estate
Every broker knows the “tricks” that make a property seem more attractive, which will obviously increase its market value. Ask for a photo shoot, a film or a comprehensive home stagnation service (preparing the property for sale). Even if the real estate agency doesn’t do this, it certainly knows the right specialists.
Legal status check
This is the responsibility of the intermediary, but it is nevertheless worth asking them to check very carefully whether the property is free from legal defects. For a person who does not deal with this industry, many entries in a land and mortgage register or notarial deed may sound unclear. The broker can easily find his way around this, which will increase the security of your transaction.
Price negotiations
They are always difficult, sometimes unpleasant, so they are worth entrusting to an intermediary. He has the necessary experience, can use the right argumentation and knows how to overcome the resistance of the other side. You can authorise the intermediary to negotiate prices on your behalf, up to a fixed amount of money, of course.
Working with an intermediary is a great convenience, especially when you ask them for the things listed above. Then the entire sales process will be much less stressful and will be much faster.

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