TOP 6 healthy and tasty spices that should always be in your kitchen

Everyone knows that without spices there is no cooking. Sometimes only salt and pepper are enough, but more sophisticated and creative dishes require the use of other spices as well. There are dozens of them and it is not surprising that most of them are unknown. The criterion for choosing a spice should be not only its taste and aroma, but also its health characteristics. We will tell you which 6 spices should never be missing from your kitchen.
Ginger – a Chinese spice, which is one of the most appreciated by nutritionists. It has a positive effect on digestion, helps to burn fat and, as some people say, has the ability to fight cancer cells. Ginger is a very characteristic spice, welcomed especially in Asian dishes. However, you can also add it to tea. Basil – a beautiful basil leaf is the culmination of many dishes (especially soup), but it is worth knowing that this spice also has a great influence on the condition of the body. First of all, basil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it helps to fight cold and other infections. Cinnamon – a spice that is unambiguously associated with baking, but can also be used for dry dishes. Cinnamon is a well-known antioxidant. It also helps in the fight against allergies, acne and infections. It is interesting to note that this spice has been widely used since ancient times. Coriander is another basic ingredient of Asian cuisine, which is increasingly popular in American homes. And very well, because coriander, apart from its taste, also offers a lot of health properties. First of all, it reduces cholesterol levels, but it also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to relieve pain. Saffron – the most expensive spice in the world, which is not often used in European cuisine, and it’s a pity that saffron gives dishes a unique taste, in addition, it’s an excellent means to improve the mood (increases the production of serotonin and dopamine). Some doctors recommend that you eat with saffron if you have depression. Chili – a sharp spice which, contrary to appearances, does not have a bad effect on the digestive system – is quite the opposite! Chili contains capsaicin, an irritant of the stomach mucosa, which increases the production of gastric juices. This accelerates the digestion. Chili also helps remove toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol levels.
Each of these spices is easily accessible, so don’t avoid them in your kitchen. Find recipes for the dishes based on these spices and enjoy the thought that you are cooking not only tasty but also healthy.

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