Wearing a baby shirt is it worth buying

If you are a mother or expect a baby, you’ve certainly heard of the so-called headscarf. It is a method promoted by psychologists of wearing a tiny child on the abdomen in a tightly tied sling. This is not a novelty – this is how their children have been living.

Physiological hearing loss related to age

Physiological age-related hearing loss varies between the sexes. Men start to feel uncomfortable with them earlier than women. The ageing of the human body is an inevitable, irreversible and constantly progressing process. It applies to the whole, without exception, organism. Nor does it bypass the hearing system, which results in.

Xylitol very healthy substitute for white sugar

The fashion for healthy eating continues at its best. One of its manifestations is the appearance of products in shops, about which until recently few people have heard. An excellent example is xylitol. The name sounds mysterious and has no association with a foodstuff. Meanwhile, xylitol is increasingly popular in.

Why SHOULD NOT buy a baby walker for your child

The baby walker is one of the most controversial baby accessories. Doctors, especially orthopaedists, clearly advise against buying such a gadget for a child, but some parents still know their own. In this guide we will explain why walking is an unnecessary expense. Read carefully. Artificial forced walking is disadvantageous.