How to prepare a house for renting a part of it

Owners of large houses sometimes face the problem of incurring high costs of building operation. This is particularly the case for older people, who no longer live with their children and have to pay a modest pension bill. If selling a property is not an option, it may be an interesting idea to rent a part of the house to tenants. There are many people interested, so finding a tenant should not take a long time. However, it is a good idea to prepare a house in advance. What should be changed?
Separate entrance
It is essential to provide comfort to tenants and a sense of privacy to the owner. One entry in the long run is problematic, because tenants can lead a completely different lifestyle, work at night, often go out to the city, bring friends. So it’s better to create a separate entrance in advance, leading straight to the rental part – it should not be difficult at home.
Separate kitchen and bathroom
It is hard to imagine that the owner of a magnificent house would like to share his kitchen and bathroom with his tenants. It would simply be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to separate separate rooms for tenants. After all, the kitchen does not have to be big – it can be just an annex created in the biggest room. A modest bathroom with a shower will also suffice.
Media consumption meters
If the property has not been officially divided and part of it is to be leased only on the basis of an agreement between the owner and the tenant, it is not legally possible to settle the cost of utilities separately. In such a situation, it will be necessary to set up counters so that the owner can demand from the tenants an appropriate fee for electricity or water.
Sometimes landlords opt for a different solution, namely to include the expected cost of utilities in their rent. However, this is a risky thing to do. It is never known whether tenants do not like taking long baths or consume huge amounts of energy. Counters are therefore a much better idea.
Separation of parking spaces
If the homeowner does not use the car, there is no problem. However, if he has a car and leaves for work every day, it will be necessary to separate a parking space for tenants. The point is that the tenants’ car should not block the trip, which in the long run would be a nuisance and would certainly become a source of conflict.
Therefore, when deciding to rent a part of a house, one key principle must be observed: the owner and tenants must not be allowed to enter into a parade against their will. Otherwise, it will certainly not work.

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