Bells don’t get out of fashion at all Check out how to wear them

It is often heard that bell-shaped trousers are the top of the bow and should have ended up in the world’s fashion rubbish-bin a long time ago. This is just a myth. Just read the proposals of the leading designers to see that they are still eager to romance with the bells. This distinctive trouser cut is a really cool choice for original styling. Should you invest in bells if you don’t have them yet? See for yourself.

Ideal if you have extra pounds

The biggest advantage of bell-type trousers is that they perfectly mask the imperfections of the figure. We can especially recommend it to women who do not enjoy the size of a model and would like to hide a bit thicker calves or too big hips. Bells are a great choice for girls with apple shapes, because they optically turn them into the desired hourglass.

Such trousers, mainly due to their strongly widened legs, have “slimming properties”. Your legs will seem much slimmer, which will give you confidence. Paradoxically, very slim girls who “lack thighs” also look good in the bells.


If you are low, the best choice will be 7/8 long bells, which reveal the cubes. This way, your silhouette won’t look as if it’s squatting.

The undoubted advantage of bells is also that they are simply incredibly comfortable. Don’t forget, however, that they don’t necessarily fit in with official styling. They are good for a date, for a walk, for a cinema, but not for the office.

Which bells should I choose and what should I wear them with?

We have already mentioned the 7/8 bells, which are extremely fashionable and come in both denim and material versions. Shoes on a pin are by far the best fit – in summer they can be e.g. sandals. Put on a white, loose shirt with widened sleeves on top for an intriguing, nonchalant look.

If you would like to wear bells for a more official occasion, it is necessary to opt for a material model, e.g. in beige or navy blue. They should be trousers in high condition and falling on their shoes.

Put your shirt inside, complete it with a striking stripe and an elegant handbag. This style will look quite classic, but the widened trouser legs will give her a little extravagance.

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