How to choose educational toys for a gift


When looking for gifts for children of different ages, it is worth paying attention to the offer of educational toys. These types of products enable development and acquisition of knowledge through play. On the market you can find educational toys for infants, preschoolers and school children. What items are worth taking interest in?

Toys for the youngest

The right gifts for infants can be accessories adjusted to their developmental level. At different ages toddlers face specific challenges and need to acquire new skills. It also depends on the age how the world is perceived and what can interest a child. Products recommended for toddlers include all kinds of sensory toys. Objects that have different textures and make noises when touched. Soft books with pictures in contrasting colors will also work well here. Combinations of black and white will be the earliest elements noticed by toddlers. Kids from 1 to 3 years old may like big blocks, matching puzzles and pounding or interleaving toys.

Gifts for preschoolers

How to choose the right gifts for preschool children? They will certainly be attractive sets for learning shapes and colors and learning numbers and letters. It is worth choosing items that offer various complexity of tasks and arouse curiosity in toddlers. Depending on their age, preschoolers may already have their own hobbies and interests. So it is good to choose objects with favorite motifs and enabling the development of passions.

Educational toys for school children

Also those kids who already go to school may like various educational gadgets to play with. Interactive sets that enable learning will turn out to be the right gifts. These will be products connected with conducting experiments or learning new activities. Apart from classic laboratory sets for children, it is worth betting on toy potter’s wheels or sets for making candles, soaps or jewelry. Both preschoolers and older children will certainly like educational board games adapted to their age. Properly selected toys will give your kids a lot of fun and stimulate their development.

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