How to buy a cheaper apartment Proven ways

Purchasing a flat is a huge investment, which often means taking out a long-term loan. It is reasonable, therefore, to look for a place that meets the needs of the family, but at the same time costs as little as possible. You can do it, but you have to be prepared to make some compromises. In this guide we suggest how to buy a flat cheaper, even in times of a housing boom.
Restaurant to be renovated
Ruined or for many years not renovated apartments are a greedy corner for opportunity hunters. It is also a good idea for people who want to take the lowest possible credit and carry out the renovation on their own (or with the help of their family). However, it should be remembered that the demand for such flats is enormous, which means that a quick decision has to be made.
Living in basement
Such establishments are not very popular because they have a serious drawback: they are low and usually dark. However, if the main criterion is to be a low purchase price, it is worth considering this option. There are basement flats in practically every city. With a little imagination or help of an architect, such a place can be finished quite attractively.
Apartment in the attic
This is the opposite of living in a basement. This is a large, usually very high area. Not everyone wants to live in the attic, because we associate such premises with low winter temperatures and excessive summer heating. However, it is enough to invest in an appropriate layer of insulation in order to become the owner of a really attractive, extraordinary apartment with a bit of creativity.
Apartment from a bailiff auction
This is a considerable risk, because we are talking about apartments, which do not always have ownership issues in place. So it may turn out that you buy a property with tenants, which will be a huge problem. The advantage is the possibility of “hunting” the flat at a very attractive price, if you manage to pass through the real estate agents.
Apartment in a block of flats made of big plates
It is still a very interesting option for those who have a limited budget. The large slab is not particularly popular and is losing out in this respect to the so-called new construction. You can use this to negotiate the purchase of a cosy, well-located apartment. Many large-plate blocks have already been replaced, which is an additional asset.
As you can see, there are ways to buy an apartment cheaper and not to take on a very large loan with a long repayment period. Take advantage of our inspiration – of course, if you can make some compromises.

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