Children’s fashion under the banner of the world’s largest brands

The big fashion houses have long realized that they can earn a lot from their customers, who have lived with their offspring. Children’s collections are offered by all important designers, including the most luxurious ones. Parents who do not complain about lack of money can easily dress their children in the best things of world brands. Examples can be found in our article.
The iconic British fashion house has a rich collection of clothes for children. Of course, it could not lack the famous grille, i.e. Burberry’s trademark. The wealthy parents can make their children dull skirts, trench skirts, as well as beige-coloured coats, which are perfectly associated with the brand.
One of the most luxurious fashion houses dedicated not only the whole collection to its youngest guests, but also one of its boutiques. Parents can choose fantastic clothes for their children that, importantly, still look like things for their children. Versace customers have no problem with lack of money, so it is not surprising that e.g. a summer dress for a girl has to be paid over 300 euros.
It is one of the first luxury brands in the world to create a completely separate department for the design and manufacture of children’s clothing. In Armani Kids collection we can find a whole cross-section of clothes for girls and boys. Prices are high, but they are well correlated with the quality of products and, of course, the reputation of the brand.
Marc Jacobs
One of the most desired designers in the world has prepared a collection especially for the youngest customers. Little Marc Jacobs is synonymous with very high quality and creative design. The collection includes clothes as well as accessories for newborns and older children.
Jean Paul Gaultier
This fashion house has prepared the Junior Gaultier line, where parents will find very colorful, interestingly designed clothes for girls and boys. The prices are high, as is the case with Gaultier.
The Gucci fashion house approached the creation of a children’s collection very practically. The designers decided that if their adult suggestions are appreciated by adults, the parents would like to see them also in their children. Hence the idea of creating a line of well-known projects, but in a mini version.
Choice of colours. You only have to have money for this, but it is a trifle. At least for some.

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