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Many people dream of a beautiful and athletic figure. They also want to stay healthy and in good shape until old age. Men over 50 years of age experience a significant drop in testosterone levels. This is the so-called andropause, the equivalent of menopause, which occurs in women. Andropause causes a decrease in libido, muscle strength, osteoporosis and the like in men.


Andropause can be treated. Many countries use hormone replacement therapy, which consists of low doses of testosterone to keep the blood levels constant. Unfortunately, in many countries, including Poland, such a therapy is not easily available, much less can you count on its reimbursement. Various supplements can also be a rescue. Recently, the so-called sarma, i.e. selective androgen receptor modulators, have been gaining popularity. They have an anabolic effect. They support muscle tissue growth and bone mineralization. The most popular selective androgen receptor modulators include LGD-4033, i.e. ligandrol, and MK-677, ibutamoren. The latter compound additionally increases plasma concentrations of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor type one. They are already relatively well studied and have proven efficacy.

However, let us remember that no supplements will work without proper physical activity and diet. Both aerobic and strength efforts are necessary. Running, cycling, swimming will improve our condition and ensure efficient functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory and motor systems. Strength training will strengthen our muscles, thanks to which we will be able to maintain a proper posture. Workout with a load also stimulates bone mineralisation and protects against osteoporosis. Physical activity therefore has a very positive impact on our health.

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