Cable protection in the form of furniture grommets

A cable grommet is a furniture accessory which enables the safe passage of cables to the desired location. Partly it stiffens a given section of cable, which protects it from mechanical damage, which very often occurs during “material fatigue”. An additional advantage is undoubtedly the insulation of the cable against cutting or making it difficult to pull the cable out of its rubber casing. Additionally, the culverts can also perform isolating functions, ensuring e.g. watertightness.

Furniture fittings for every home

The use of cable grommets is very widespread these days. In short, they make life and the aesthetics of a room easier. No more tangled cables under your feet causing you to trip repeatedly. A large number of pieces of furniture on which you place electrical devices already have specially drilled holes with diameters matching those of cable grommets on the market. This even encourages people to buy them.

Types of cable grommets

There are many types of cable grommets available in shops, which differ in appearance and construction.

Rectangular aluminium cable grommets; ideal for use in corner desks or wall mounted desks. They are characterised by high quality workmanship and often elegant design. Many of them are equipped with a movable flap and a wide opening, through which the passage and organisation of cables is facilitated.

– Square grommet – often smaller than its predecessor, well suited to smaller numbers of cables to be connected

– Round cable duct with a masking brush – another interesting element which covers protruding cables and improves the aesthetic value of the desk to which the duct is attached.

– Flexible cable duct – protects the entire length of the cable from the floor to the desk height.

– Cable sheath – consists of a vertical cable sheath which also runs from the desk top to the floor, holding and protecting the cables along their entire length


The most common conduit materials are aluminium, nickel, zinc, plastic and plastic. Nowadays you can find many colours, but the most popular are white, black and grey. These allow them to blend in with the colour of the desk providing low visibility

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