Express Internet transfers why it is worth

Express Internet transfer allows you to send money to an account in another bank within just a few seconds, while maintaining the highest standards of security of the transaction. How do express online transfers work? When will such a service be particularly useful?

Transfers are one of the most frequently performed financial operations by Americans. Most banks enable the execution of transfers in a branch, over the phone, in the Internet banking system and through a mobile application. Statistics show that in recent months the number of such transfers made in the electronic banking system has been growing.


Internet banking is becoming more and more popular

Internet and telephone banking is becoming increasingly popular among Americans. Mobile applications and online banking platforms are mainly used by young people in big cities. The high growth rate of active mobile customers is a clear signal of the functionality of such solutions. Using the bank’s services over the Internet and telephone, you will perform not only basic operations, but also special transactions, such as Express Elixir transfers. According to data from the National Clearing House, the institution responsible for such operations, in February 2019 Express Elixir processed as many as 1.56 million instant transfers worth USD 2.89 billion. In comparison to February 2018, the number of effected instant transfers increased by 129% and the value of transactions increased by 59%! It is interesting to note that the highest daily number of transactions in February 2019 was recorded on Friday, February 8th. On that day, as many as 90.16 thousand instant transfers were processed.

Express Internet transfers – how does it work?

The Express Internet Transfers service allows you to transfer funds from PLN accounts to accounts in other banks within seconds. It is also available on days off and outside standard bank working hours, when Elixir interbank settlements do not take place. The money can be transferred to the recipient’s account in the evening, on Saturday or Sunday. Money is not transferred through the account of an external operator. The funds transferred directly to the recipient’s account are transferred to them at an express rate. Most banks charge fees for fast internet transfers. As a rule, they do not exceed several USD per transaction.

Express Internet transfer – when will it be most useful?

Cash registers often go to restaurants with friends. Such meetings, especially at weekends, are an effective way to relieve stress after a hard week’s work. Sometimes, however, it turns out that no one “from the team” has cash with them, and the account can not be divided into several parts. However, the person who pays for everyone quickly recovers his or her money. Thanks to express transfers, the funds sent by friends end up in her account within a few moments.
My son went on a school trip, quickly spent all his pocket money and asked for “meals”?
Did he run out of money while shopping in the building market?
Do you want to avoid interest on late payment of the loan installment and you want the money to reach the bank as soon as possible?
Thanks to fast internet transfers, you can quickly, safely and conveniently provide financial support to your loved ones. You will also avoid unpleasant consequences resulting from delays in repayment of loan installments. Using the mobile application, you can make a transfer anywhere and anytime, and the money will “land” on the recipient’s account even in a few seconds. No need to use the services of external operators or intermediaries.

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