Digital work environment is gaining in importance

Internal communication in the company influences the motivation, involvement of employees, the condition of the company and the implementation of the strategy. Digitalization of communication is a part of the global trend connected with the need for constant access to information and constant interaction. It is also an excellent response to the needs and preferences of the homo informaticus generation, i.e. millenials and the Z generation entering the labour market, for whom technological innovations, the Internet and social media are on a daily basis.
– Employers are currently signalling three needs. The first is the question of building a new communication environment. The need to support knowledge exchange, cooperation between people and knowledge sharing is also stronger than ever before. It is also important to build the employer’s image,”, President of the Management Board USA, a company providing services related to SAP HR and SAP SuccessFactors, emphasizes in an interview.
Internal communication has a significant impact on the motivation, involvement of employees, the condition of the company and the implementation of the strategy. Employees’ access to knowledge, exchange of information at every level of the organisation’s activity build trust, consolidate the company and allow for effective operation of teams, as well as increase the sense of belonging to the company. According to, the creation of a digital work environment is necessary due to the increasingly wider entry into the market of the generation of millenials, i.e. people born in 1983-2001.
– Milleniums are people who act in a natural way in the digital environment. Social networks or mobile devices are a natural environment for them. Deloitte’s research conducted in 2015 shows that in 2025 milleniums and people from the Z generation, the successors of milleniums, will constitute as much as 75% of employees in our companies. Therefore, we should think today about how to implement their preferences – convinces the president.
Milleniums quickly become involved in the life of the organization. For them, work is not only about fulfilling their duties in the company. They want to become a part of it and have a real impact on it. According to the global Deloitte survey “The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey. Winning over the next generation of leaders”, the loyalty of millenials to the organizations they work for, depends on, among others, the flexibility of conditions and the feeling that the work they do has a purpose and a sense of purpose.
– Another very important issue is to ensure that employees can work remotely. According to a survey conducted by the AfterCollege service, as many as 68% of young employees appreciate the fact that the employer offers the possibility of working in such a model – says the expert.
The young generation more and more often functions in the virtual world, where it has largely transferred its human relations. The implementation of the digital work environment is a natural response to their needs and preferences.
– One of the ways to create a digital work environment is to implement a corporate social networking site such as SAP SuccessFactors JAM. This solution has been used by the Group since 15 June this year – explains.
The internal social networking service SAP SuccessFactors JAM, recently used by the Group, enables employees to maintain constant contact with other team members regardless of their place and time of work. It also gives the possibility to share documents and multimedia files in real time, improves cooperation between employees or whole departments and thus translates into work efficiency.
– JAM is part of a larger puzzle. The construction of such an environment was guided by the digitalization of the work environment and the desire to adapt it to the needs and expectations of milleniums. Director of the HR Policy Department at the Group.
As points out, the advantage of the system is its availability on mobile devices. At the same time, the intuitive cloud application is the only one that creates the potential for a real increase in the level of employee involvement.
– In JAM, all kinds of content are shared by employees, which makes it more reliable. The source of knowledge are not only announcements from the management board, but also information published and transmitted by employees in the company’s internal service. The more business content with emotions, the better. This is how milleniums seek knowledge,” says the director of the NEUCA Group.
As says, the implementation of such a cloud solution was a big challenge. Department heads and board members, who became the first users of the platform, actively joined the internal promotion of the JAM module in the company. They also invited all employees to use this tool, creating short videos presenting the new application in a humorous way. As emphasizes, the solution was enthusiastically received by the following works

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