Body or underestimated clothes for many occasions

What do you wear under your clothes? For many of us, this is a very embarrassing question, but it can take on a completely different meaning in the context of fashion. An excellent example is the body. Until recently, it was associated exclusively with underwear that was carefully hidden under clothes, or was exposed during a romantic evening. But see for yourself that a well-chosen body can also be a part of your own hairstyle.

Body instead of top

The top is a great summer outfit, especially for those with little commitment. However, it turns out that you can successfully replace it with a well-chosen body with a sporty cut. It is very important that it is not made of a transparent material – otherwise it will look like nightwear and you definitely don’t want it to.


The body replacing the top is perfectly matched with jeans or even quinces, but also with long dresses. On a cooler day, you can wear a lightweight jacket or denim jacket and a simple but well thought-out hairstyle is ready!

It is also worth to look trendy at the gym

Are you fit? Do you practice? It’s also a great opportunity to impress with your hairstyle. Perhaps you remember films and music videos from the 80s, in which we notoriously saw sexy, firm girls wearing one-piece costumes worn with tight shorts. You can achieve a similar effect! The choice of a sports body is huge, and an additional advantage is that the clothes provide comfort and freedom.


You can also use the sports body in autumn and winter for running or cycling – it will warm you up a lot. Well selected clothes made of elastic material can also successfully replace e.g. a sports bra.

Useful even if you don’t want to show it

Of course, not every woman has to feel comfortable showing her underwear – after all. However, this does not mean that the body is not for you at all. After all, you can wear them under your clothes and take advantage of their great advantage: sculpting your figure. Well chosen body, especially seamless, will help you hide “little bit”. You’ll just look slimmer. We recommend wearing narrow trousers or a perfectly matched dress.

Body replacing classic underwear will work very well in winter, protecting your body against the cold. Put them on before going out on the slope or for a longer walk at -10 degrees. You will feel more comfortable.

As you can see, such an underestimated body has a really wide application and does not have to be carefully hidden under clothes. Take advantage of our advice to create a new, bold and comfortable hairstyle every day!

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