How to create your own blog on WordPress

Today, there are many professional blogging platforms available on our market, thanks to which you can quickly set up your own blog in a few minutes. Currently, no IT expertise is needed to publish online entries. In the USA and worldwide, by far the most popular platform is WordPress, which is extremely intuitive and very easy to use.
How do I set up my blog on WordPress?

Building a professional blog requires relatively little investment. First of all, it is worth investing in a decent Internet domain and stable hosting without which it will not be possible to do without. There are free domains and hosting for free on our market, of course, but these solutions have considerable limitations, so you should avoid them with a wide arch. External advertisements are often placed on free hosting, so anyone who plans to launch a decent thematic blog on WordPress should rather invest in their own real-time server. Check:

Fail-safe server for your blog

One of the most difficult steps is to choose the right hosting. The server is nothing more than a special machine on which all the most important files of our blog are placed together with the MySQL database. Good hosting should be characterized by high reliability and reliability. If we want our blog to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then it is worth taking advantage of the offers of reliable companies. Nowadays, high quality hosting can be ordered from Webd, Home, GVO or OVH. It is also worth mentioning that these companies offer domains, which are usually assigned free of charge to purchased hosting, so you can save some money.

MySQL database

In order to create a blog in WordPress CMS, our hosting must be able to create a MySQL database. A very large part of hosting, which is available on our market, has the ability to install WordPress by means of a special customer panel, so that even the little advanced people, will be able to blog without the need to use the help of IT.

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