Bardotka beautiful bra that you need to be able to wear

The name of this bra is obviously derived from the famous actress Brigitte Bardot, who was the first to appear on the big screen. Although several decades have passed since then, the bardot has not come out of fashion. On the contrary, it is still a very desirable element of a woman’s outfit. It should be remembered that a bardot is a specific type of bra, which simply needs to be selected and then worn properly. In our article you will find useful tips.

What is the hallmark of a bardote?

This type of bra is strongly stiffened and additionally supplemented with silicone tape, which is to support it on the bust. Both soft and push-up models are available. The bardotes are equipped with modelling inserts, thanks to which the breasts look exceptionally impressive. Contrary to popular opinion, not only breast owners with “ideal” breasts, but also women with small and relatively large breasts can afford to buy and carry such a bra canola.

The biggest advantage of the bardot is that it can be worn comfortably without shoulder straps. This is due to the already mentioned stiffening and silicone tape. That is why this type of bra is very recommended for women who are looking for underwear for special occasions, big exits and do not want to go over the head, as here hide the shoulder straps protruding from under the dress.

Choose a bardot

It’s no secret that not all women like wearing bardot. In the vast majority of cases, however, this is due to the wrong choice of bra. Bardotics require a perfect fit not so much to the bust as to the circumference of the body under the breasts. When you find such a bra, you will immediately appreciate the advantages of its design.

A properly selected cardboard does not have the right to slide off the breast. He has to support his bust solidly and model it beautifully. It is worth to choose a model that will not stand out under your clothes. Believe the bardot is very comfortable – everything is just a matter of a reliable adjective.


Never buy a tarpaulin “at a distance” without first trying it on. Choose a lingerie salon where a professional brafitter works.

For what occasions?

Bardot is not likely to be a bra to wear every day. However, it is certainly worth having it in your drawer and putting it on on special occasions. It is a great choice for weddings, communions, baptisms and other ceremonies that require a festive, elegant outfit.

A bardot bra is the best choice for a big exit, such as a ball or a gala. By getting rid of the shoulder straps you will be able to freely expose your shoulders, while the cut-out top of the bra allows you to put it under the dresses with a clearly marked neckline.

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