Apartment with a blind kitchen how to arrange it so that it is not as gloomy as that

Blank kitchens are undoubtedly a problem and one of the reasons why an owner may have serious difficulties selling their apartment. Such kitchens, without natural light, are most often found in blocks of flats from the 60s. If you have a flat with a blind kitchen and want to increase its attractiveness on the secondary market, you need to take care of a clever arrangement of this space. In our guide you will find some ready-made ideas.
Hit in the living room
If a happily blind kitchen is next to a large room, try combining it with a living room to create a modern space for the shoppers to look for. Remember, however, that this may not be possible. In old flats, all load-bearing walls are very common. In addition, there is no point in combining a blank kitchen with, for example, a hallway or a small room for a child.
Bright colours
This is the basis for a blind kitchen. Bright colours of the walls will optically enlarge the room and bring a little more light into it. The ideal choice is white. Remember that you need to apply a similar colouring to your kitchen furniture and furnishings.
Plenty of light
If you have a blank kitchen, it’s really worth investing in a decent lighting project. The architect will certainly choose such solutions that will brighten the room perfectly and at the same time will present themselves in a modern way.
Smart tricks
One such trick could be to use a mirror wall finish over the worktop. This will immediately brighten the room, as the light will reflect in the mirror, and this will affect the optical zoom of the kitchen.
A very nice solution is also… to glue the window onto the wall. Simply find the right photo wallpaper or picture as a sticker. Photo wallpaper is a good direction in general, because by opting for 3D graphics you can easily optically enlarge the room.
Take advantage of the lack of a window
The lack of a window is, of course, a problem that can be made an advantage. This fact allows for any arrangement of the wall space. Choose an attractive, modern design with lacquered fronts (necessarily in gloss). The kitchen will become functional, which is the most important thing in this room.
By following this advice you will make your blank kitchen a friendly, functional place that will no longer be the biggest obstacle to selling your home.

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