How to prepare a house for the winter Stepbystep Guide

Winter, which lasts on average nearly six months in the USA, is a real test for the solidity of a building. Bad weather can reveal even the slightest performance errors and cause the owner to have to reach deep into his wallet in the spring. So it is better to avoid this in advance. In this guide we will tell you how to prepare your home for the winter in a comprehensive way and how not to spend too much money on it.
Start with cleaning up
Before the winter, clean the utility rooms, where you have gathered a lot of different items all summer long. Now is the best time to put them in order. If you have a garage, blast it thoroughly and wash the floor, otherwise in winter it will create mud that will be brought home later.
It is necessary to remove leaves and other impurities from the gutters. Winters in the USA can be very rainy, so it’s better to make the gutters fully unobstructed. By the way, make sure that the drains are tight, that there are no cracks somewhere – if so, it needs to be repaired quickly, because winter will finish the work of destruction.
Look at the fence. If you notice paint chips or damage to the wooden rails, repair them before the frost. Neglect at this stage will quickly take revenge and in the spring you will be waiting for a much more advanced renovation of the fence.
Also remember to protect your terrace, especially the wooden one. Before winter it is worth to oil the boards, which will protect them from adverse weather conditions. The terrace finished with tiles should be carefully inspected and cracks in the joints or cracked stoneware should be repaired before the frost is over.
Tasks for professionals
Before the winter, the heating system must be inspected and have this checked by an expert. The expert will check the tightness of the boiler and connections, illustrate the distributors, adjust the electronics. In this way, the boiler and the entire system should run smoothly during a long heating season.
Make sure you call the chimney sweep to check the flue pipe for leaks. This is extremely important for safety reasons. If you heat your house with a solid fuel boiler or fireplace, there is a risk of sooting that is not removed and there is a risk of fire.
Before the winter, the roof should also be inspected. Roofers should check the flashings and replace damaged tiles that could leak in winter.
The cost of such reviews should not exceed USD 500-600. This is a really low price for a feeling of security and a calm head for the next few long months.

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