10 features that characterize millionaires and success people

In order to be successful in business, you not only need to have a great idea, but also to have some personality traits. The Entreprenauer portal gathered 10 features that characterized Steve Jobs (Apple), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) and Jack Ma (Alibaba Group), i.e. people who achieved great success.

Open mind

In 1983, Apple launched Lisa. It was one of the first computers to use a bitmap graphics interface and a mouse. In short, the device was a revolution that placed Apple on the map as a company developing state-of-the-art personal computers.

Steve Jobs has created a completely new device. Instead of one that would only make some improvements to existing computers.


When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he knew that his company would have to focus on a specific issue in order for his small business to make any progress. As a result, he initially concentrated his team, becoming the world’s largest online bookshop.

The company worked on innovations that would improve customer feedback on e-commerce bookshops.

From the very beginning, Amazon Bezos has focused on customer satisfaction. As a result, Amazon was able to prioritise projects properly, avoiding initiatives that distracted attention from the company’s mission.

Be influential

Sheryl Sandberg is a great leader; so much so that at the beginning of her career she didn’t notice how influential she was. During the presentation she said not to use PowerPoint. Since then, the entire team has stopped using this program. Sandberg was shocked to learn what happened and took steps to alleviate the restrictions on the tools Facebook employees could use during the presentation. Because it generated new problems with their customers. This situation is a great illustration of how influential she was as an influential woman.


Jack Ma now owns around $35 billion worth of property, and yet before he founded Alibaba, he was rejected from the 30 positions he applied for. Among the jobs for which he applied, one can mention work at the KFC, the Chinese police academy. He also applied for a position at Harvard University ten times.

However, it was thanks to his determination that he was able to successfully launch Alibaba in 1999. About 20 years later, the company reached a value of at least $460 billion.


Warren Buffett bought a modest house in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1958. Today he is one of the richest people in the world, with nearly $90 billion of assets. However, he still lives in the same house that is now worth one hundred percent of its total wealth.

Modesty is a feature that has helped him gain respect among a wide range of business people, including Bill Gates.


Rick Rubin is a legendary music producer, responsible for helping people such as Jay-Z and Johnny Cash. He has achieved great professional success and attributes his objectivity as the main driver of his ability to discover talented artists.

Leadership features

Successful business requires a person to lead the entire team. Without such a person, working in a team is very difficult, because it is difficult to determine the mode of work. This is confirmed in the book People who simply rely on their instinct and creativity may have problems with regular cooperation. In his book High Output Management, former Intel CEO Andrew Grove


Charisma is an essential part of motivating employees to do their job effectively. It is an important component of leadership, but it does not necessarily require being an extrovermist.

Inspiring leaders can also be introvert. Having charisma means being able to tell stories, believing and empathizing.


Talking about empathy, good leaders (and thus successful people) care about the people around them. For example, founder and CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz insisted that employees should be offered generous benefits to ensure that the company delivers a wide range of benefits to all employees.


Steve Jobs left the studio to build computers in his parents’ garage. Jeff Bezos left his lucrative financial career opening an e-commerce shop. Mark Zuckerberg spent many hours building Facebook instead of attending Harvard. Howard Schultz threw off his job to open a cafĂ© after being inspired by Italian coffee culture on business trips.

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