What is this scam How not to let yourself be cut on the online scam

Scam is still an unknown term, but it should be changed quickly because it is of great importance for our safety in lights. Many people still naively believe that any relationship, especially of a business nature, established online can not cause them any harm. This is, of course, not true. The scale of the scam is increasing. How do I protect myself from this threat and not fall victim to online fraud? You can read about it in our guide.

What is scam actually?

Scam is one of the most perfidious forms of fraud. It is based on inspiring the trust of the other person, thanks to which it is possible to easily control his/her choices and force him/her to entrust e.g. his/her money or personal data. Fraudsters always promise something of value, such as very high profits or an attractive purchase price. This is imaginative and encourages many people to make risky decisions online.

Scam is now widely used on the Internet. Thousands of pages are created that are created for the sole purpose of scamming money or user data. A fraudster always has an ace in his sleeve, so that he can easily arouse the trust of his victim. Criminals impersonate shops, courier companies, offices, even media providers.

Classical example of scam

Suppose you want to buy a new fridge. The average price of a selected model in popular online shops is PLN 1,200. However, you are offered by a shop unknown to you, which wants to sell the same fridge for only 900 zlotys. It is obvious that such a proposal attracts your attention.

If a shop is professionally built, it will inspire your confidence. Then the thought appears: “Why should I overpay if I can save as much as 300 zlotys”? Although the instinct tells you that it can be a scam, you try to calm your conscience down with arguments like: this is certainly a promotion, probably the shop is just entering the market and wants to win customers, and so on.

So you order a fridge, enter your credit card details, but of course the device never reaches you. This is a classic scheme for fraudsters who use scam to extort money from their victims.

How do I protect myself?

First of all, use common sense. Don’t believe in unbelievable opportunities. Read reviews carefully before making a purchase in any store you do not know. If you don’t find anything, don’t agree with the role of the guinea pig. Always make sure that your website uses an encrypted connection – if not, never provide your personal information, let alone credit card information.

Scam is a very serious threat on the Internet and it is going to get stronger. It is fed with human naivety. Therefore, never trust someone who offers you too good terms of purchase or promises to break a fortune without effort.

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